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Operational Technology

Our Operational Technology Consulting Services Include:

OSIsoft PI System Consulting

PI Data Archive Implementation and Support

Nigel Solutions Group can design, implement and support the OSIsoft PI Data Archive™ for T&D and generation utilities.

The PI Data Archive is a component of the PI Server that provides efficient storage and archiving of time series data. It is the cornerstone of the PI System and your data infrastructure, enabling high-performance data storage and retrieval by client software. Users can perform many tasks with their time series data, including, but not limited to, monitoring their processes, data analytics, process optimization, and so on. PI Server itself incorporates many new capabilities, including data modelling and analytics, and is now much more than a data archive[1]

AF Model Development and Support

Nigel Solutions Group offers years of experience in engineering and development to maximize the usability and value from your OSIsoft PI Asset Framework™.

We design, implementation, and support OSIsoft’s PI Asset Framework™ models for electric utilities.

OSIsoft’s PI Asset Framework™ enables electric utilities to add context to data from a vast number field devices and control systems.

OSIsoft’s PI Asset Framework (PI AF) is a single repository for asset-centric models, hierarchies, objects, and equipment. It integrates, contextualizes, refines, references, and further analyzes data from multiple sources, including one or more PI Data Archives and non-PI sources such as external relational databases[2].

Event Framing Development and Support


Nigel Solutions Group designs, implements, and supports OSIsoft’s PI Event Frames™ specific to electric utilities.

Capture key events in production, maintenance, and quality processes with OSIsoft’s PI Analysis™.  Using this technology enables utilities to achieve contextualized views of events.

A use case for OSIsoft’s PI Event Frames™ is helping to identify potential transformer overloading conditions in the field early.

OSIsoft’s PI System can capture many different types of events and combine the event information with the process data that engineers and knowledge workers need to perform analysis on their events easily[4].

Notification Development and Support

The OSIsoft PI System™ is capable of notifying when certain conditions occur.  Nigel Solutions Group can help you define the event conditions to trigger the notifications and configure your OSIsoft’s PI System™ to send users notifications when these event conditions occur.

Visualization Development and Support

Nigel Solutions Group can build custom displays to help you visualize your critical data.  We can develop custom displays using OSIsoft’s visualization tools PI Vision™ and PI ProcessBook™.

OSIsoft explains that PI Vision enables you to analyze data in multiple ways, seeing your data on any device, wherever you are, whenever you need it.  PI Vision makes it intuitive to instantly start working with your data, leveraging it in new ways, for data-driven decisions and new insights into operations and business[5].

According to OSIsoft, PI ProcessBook empowers users to graphically create displays and enrich them with layers of robust, dynamic, data. Designed for PCs, PI ProcessBook supports both high-level analysis and data deep dives. PI ProcessBook helps users instantly access and visualize your PI Server data through interactive, graphical, displays which can be simultaneously populated with live data, years of historical data, and predictive/forecast data[6].


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